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Government Shutdown Resolved by Device Industry?

Posted by crimsonlanguage on 2013/10/03

erik_paulsen_640We’re currently at day three of the US government shutdown – besides FDA speakers unable to address industry representatives at this week’s RAPS conference, 800,000 government workers are dealing with painful furloughs.

Amidst all the Republican vs. Democrat name-calling, Representative Erik Paulsen (R, Minnesota) said during an interview with a major news outlet: “The medical device tax is a linchpin” that could help save the current shutdown negotiations. The logic here is that a repeal of the device tax is small enough that it wouldn’t affect the Affordable Health Care’s overall viability, but would allow the Republicans to claim some measure of face-saving victory (personal note here – Paulsen’s collaborator on the repeal is Ron Kind, another Wisconsin rep and friend of mine from college).

Fingers crossed here – while I do believe in affordable healthcare for everyone, I also happen to think that the device tax is ill-conceived.


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