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Tilefish, Translation, and Economic Adulteration

Posted by crimsonlanguage on 2013/02/21

fake fish
An interesting piece in today’s NYTimes (

According to a study of 12 separate US geographies by the non-profit group Oceana, as much 60% of the fish sold in sushi bars, restaurants, and grocery stores is mislabeled. Surprise, surprise, the study found a common pattern: economic gain at the customer’s expense as lower-quality fish were substituted for their more expensive namesake. Talk about “bait and switch”!

This is the same counterfeiting issue that has turned up in a wide range of industries (including pharmaceuticals and medical devices) and is termed by FDA “economic adulteration”. As global economic conditions have deteriorated over the past several years, the frequency of economic adulteration has increased…along with the risks associated with it.

We see a similar effect in medical device translation where qualified resources often harder to find than wild-caught salmon. Using tested, qualified resources and rigorously adhering to best practices is difficult, so many translation companies resort to lesser-qualified (or worse, unqualified) resources, abbreviated processes, or both. The results are predictable: serious translation errors that expose the manufacturer and the patient to harm.

That’s why Crimson’s quality and risk management systems are registered to ISO 13485 and ISO 14971. Crimson carefully screens and tests every linguistic resource to insure quality and always follows specified processes – resulting in lower risk for manufacturers and patients alike.


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