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The Road to Damascus

Posted by crimsonlanguage on 2012/12/08

For most of us, “the road to Damascus” has certain connotations. Common among them is St. Paul’s miraculous vision and conversion on that very road. It’s written that Paul’s experience had such a profound effect, that he was unable to see, eat, or drink for three days.

Today, Damascus has another too-common meaning: the suffering of millions of innocent civilians in the Syrian conflict. Crimson has been active here – providing pro bono translations for medical devices, soliciting in-kind donations from device manfacturers, and organizing private donations – you can see and read more here:

Now, a new type of media has emerged to cover the Syrian conflict: ( Started by noted Armenian journalist Lara Setrakian, is a single site that presents editorial, video, interactive maps, twitter feeds, headlines, and back-story as a way to completely inform about the Syrian crisis. In a recent NPR interview with the founder, she describes the content template, or model, that they have developed to manage and organize fast-moving content and provide a complete perspective on events. The content management structure at SyriaDeeply will be used as the basis of other temporary sites covering specific current issues and events.

In terms of relative importance, the events in Syria can only be compared with other large-scale humanitarian crises brought on by war. However, as I listened to Ms. Setrakian describe the structure and approach of the SyriaDeeply site, I was struck by similarities between their attempt to integrate diverse content into a comprehensive whole and our own recently-introduced EnCompass content management solutions for device makers. EnCompass addresses the various content needs of a global device manufacturer by encompassing all of the device-specific technologies and services available through Crimson Life Sciences, sister divisions Astoria Software and, and parent company TransPerfect Translations.

The DITA OASIS standard, XML publishing and Astoria Software are important parts of the EnCompass solution. In fact, the first time I saw the publishing efficiencies that are possible with this approach, it was a complete revelation for me – a real “road to Damascus” experience. The effect was that I recently co-presented a webinar, sponsored by the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and the Center for Information-Development Management, outlining the importance of DITA and XML publishing for medical device makers.  You can watch the recording here:

So, in my opinion, if you want to see the future of media coverage get over to If you’re moved by what you see, please consider a donation to the Syria American Medical Society ( – either in-kind (if you’re a manufacturer) or monetary.

If you want to see the future of medical device content, our EnCompass approach will be a revelation for you.


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