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Shhhhh! Your Secret French Website

Posted by crimsonlanguage on 2012/12/06

Those of you who sell in France are likely aware of French Decree No. 2012-743 – the upcoming law that requires device makers to add nine points of information to all advertising, to register ads with the French government for approval, and cease ALL direct-to-consumer advertising.

We put out a press release on this issue way back in early October – you can read it here.

Some updates on this evolving situation:

  1. Guidance for websites is still pending – but you can’t put a web address on French advertising…I guess they think it’s going to be a secret?
  2. No testimonials from physicians or patients will be allowed in advertising
  3. In public meetings, French authorities have specified 10-pt type for the “nine points of information”  – though pharma companies are allowed to use 8 (?)

If you would like to discuss this Decree in more detail or need help with translation or compliance of your French advertising, feel free to contact us at



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